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Denver woman narrowly escapes being robbed at gunpoint

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DENVER -- A woman narrowly escaped being robbed at gunpoint in Denver's Baker neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

Lindsay Van Ness says when a man rode his bike past her, she didn't think much of it, as she was busy loading things into the trunk of her car.

But all of a sudden, the man demanded money from her and brandished a gun.

"At first I didn't understand what he was saying. He said he was going to steal my car and then he said he was going to hit me," Van Ness said.

She fumbled for her purse and began to panic when she couldn't find her wallet.

"I just started thinking, 'Oh my God, if I can't find this money, he's going to shoot me.' I was freaking out," Van Ness said.

She said her instincts then kicked in.

"I just decided to run," Van Ness said.

She bolted into her garage and sprinted across the back lawn to her house, slamming the door shut behind her.

"It was scary. I was just looking out through the window like, 'Is he going to run after me?'" she said.

The man didn't end up stealing anything but when Van Ness returned outside, her car was running with the keys in the ignition.

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