Look into Hormone Pellets with BodyLogicMD

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Are you dealing with any of these changes fatigue, low energy, weight gain around the midsection, thinning hair, dry skin, trouble sleeping, increased irritability or depression? Don't assume they're a normal part of aging!

Your hormones may be the root cause of your symptoms and a tiny little pellet could be just what you need to get back to feeling like yourself again. The experts from BodyLogicMD came on the show to take about Hormone Pellets and how they work for women and men.

Get 25% off the initial consultation fee. That's a savings of $125. Be sure to mention Colorado's Best when you call. Call 970-237-3400 that's 970-237-3400.
BodyLogicMD is  located at 1805 South Bellaire Street Suite 575 in Denver. You can learn more online at BodyLogicMD.com



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