Denver Bicycle Cafe and Tandem Bar to close after 8 years in business

Denver Bicycle Cafe and Tandem Bar. (Photo: BusinessDen)

DENVER — Uptown’s combination bicycle shop, bar and coffee shop is closing after eight years.

Jessica Caouette — who co-founded Denver Bicycle Cafe and now owns Tandem Bar, the alcohol side of the business — said Friday that bicycles and accessories are now discounted 20 to 50 percent. Both sides of the business will operate through October.

“After eight years of working with our landlord, we unfortunately can’t come to an agreement with him that will allow us to continue,” Caouette said, adding that the business will host a goodbye party on Nov. 1.

Caouette and Peter Roper opened Denver Bicycle Cafe in 2011. For years, the pair operated the cooperative business in one space at 1308 E. 17th Ave. In 2015, the business took over the space next door, giving it the entire building.

The pair continued running the business together until late 2018, when they decided to split the business in half. Roper took ownership of the bike shop and coffee component, while Caouette took over what had been known as DBC Beer Hall. In March, she added hard alcohol and renamed it Tandem Bar. Despite operating separately, the businesses still share one lease.

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