Walking dead take over Denver in annual Zombie Crawl

DENVER -- The recently deceased came back to life to haunt people on the 16th Street Mall Saturday.

But, it’s all for a good cause. And, no, they aren’t really recently deceased.

Saturday, the 2019 Denver Zombie Crawl scared the wits out of many.

“We love to have such a fun event where people can kind of let their odds and creative sides fly, and you can be different at this event,” said Casey Miles of 13th Floor Entertainment. The group puts on the annual event.

With so many zombies and frights, it may seem ironic, the proceeds go to benefit the non profit, Don’t Be A Monster. It is also run by 13th Floor Entertainment.

“We go into middle schools all across the country and we teach kids what to do when they witness bullying or if they get bullied,” said Miles. “So, not only what to do if you’re the victim of bullying, but also if you’re a bystander, and you feel bad for the kid that was bullied. What can you do to help that kid, but also to report it etc. So it’s a great non profit.”

There was a ghoul’d rush, costume contest, and the day was capped off with a classic - the Thriller dance.

Photojournalist Shawn Sienkiewicz reports

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