Swimmers save drowning Prairie Dog in Lafayette by giving it CPR

Data pix.

LAFAYETTE, Colo.-- Two teen swimmers saved the life of a prairie dog on Wednesday after they noticed it drowning in the bottom of a Lafayette pool.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says performing CPR on a prairie dog should not be done.

"We would never advise for the public to step in and provide CPR to a prairie dog no matter what the case. You should never try to intervene yourself. The best thing you can do would be to call your local animal control. Do not touch or feed wild animals and do not allow your pets to interact with them." stated Jason Clay with CPW.

"Plague is a disease prairie dogs can be infected with. According to the Tri-County Health Department, plague infection in people is uncommon and there have not been any reported cases. Common symptoms of plague include fever, swollen and tender lymph nodes, chills, and extreme exhaustion. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should promptly contact their health care provider. Although plague can cause serious illness, it can be effectively treated with antibiotics, especially when diagnosed early. Dogs that are exposed to plague do not usually get sick, but can transport infected fleas and expose people. "  Clay shared.

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