What you need to know before voting on Proposition CC

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DENVER -- It is not a major election year, but Coloradans will still receive ballots in less than two weeks.

Two major state ballot measures are up for a vote. Proposition DD would legalize sports gambling and Proposition CC would change the TABOR refund process in Colorado.

Because Proposition CC sounds complicated, the FOX31 Problem Solvers are taking a deeper dive.


Currently, if Colorado's state government grows too much, taxpayers are entitled to refunds.

In 2020, Coloradans making less than $40,000 a year will receive around $10 in refunds.

Coloradans making $80,000 will receive around $60.

Those earning $200,000 a year would receive $220.

The refunds are part of TABOR, Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which restricts how much government can grow each year.


A vote for Proposition CC would eliminate refunds, allowing money to go to education and transportation.

A vote against Proposition CC would keep the refund process in place.

"Prop CC will finally allow the state to begin fixing things," Gov. Jared Polis said at a campaign kickoff Wednesday.


Most progressives in Colorado -- including Polis, State Treasurer Dave Young and House Speaker KC Becker -- support the measure.

Proposition CC does have the support of Republican State Sen. Kevin Priola. However, most conservative lawmakers are against the change.

"Government is big and getting bigger," said Michael Fields, the executive director of conservative group Colorado Rising Action.

Fields is working on the No on Prop CC campaign.

"Refunds are better in your pocket," he said.

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