The Benefits of Family Meals

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There are many benefits to sitting down as a family and enjoying a meal together. Did you know that if you sat down as a family  during meal times, this can create family bonding, higher grades, and good food for growing bodies. Eating meals at home can provide essential nutrients that kids and teens need to grow strong and healthy.  Meals at home are also more likely to include nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and dairy, and tend to be lower in calories.

Kids do enjoy connecting with parents and other family members over meals by talking about their day, bringing a sense of togetherness.  Also, students grades improve when families come together for meals.  According to studies by Columbia University, family dinners help with more than family connections.  During family dinners, kids and teens have exposure to a broader vocabulary and have an opportunity to express their ideas.  Parents also learn more about what's going on at school and can become more involved.

Robin Hutchinson is with Healthy Net Nutrition shows us how easy it is to make a meal to get the family together for family meal time.

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