Arvada woman told she can’t renew her car’s registration

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ARVADA -- An Arvada woman is asking the Problem Solvers for help resolving a vehicle registration nightmare.

The deadline to get her car’s paperwork in order is Monday, but she says the DMV told her title to her car had been cancelled.

Rachel Martinez was told Friday morning she would not be able to renew her registration.

"Frustration. Anxiety. Mad. Angry. I had no clue of what I was going to do because this car is my life. I mean to you a car just might be a car. But to me a car is how I make my living. And that was my biggest fear," she said.

Martinez’s grace period ends Monday.

She’d registered the car twice before.

No problems.

But all of a sudden Colorado’s DMV turned her away.

She tells us clerks told her there was an odometer issue.

We’re also told there could have been a clerical error with the vin number.

“I am very concerned. I cannot express it enough of how concerned I am because I cannot afford a ticket. I”m already on a tight budget right now and I do the best that I can financially. I just cannot afford a ticket,” said Martinez.

Martinez uses her car for business. It's her source of income.

But she still doesn’t know how to fix the problem.

"This car is my life. I worked hard. i had a lot of help getting this car. This is my child on all fours." she said.

Her main goal now is to keep on the road and keep working without the fear of being stopped.

The Problems Solver attempted reaching the DMV late this afternoon.

No response so far.

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