Thornton family rescues 2 dogs from Caribbean who then give birth to 17 puppies

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THORNTON, Colo. -- A Thornton family adopted two dogs from the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Shortly after they returned, one of the dogs gave birth to 10 puppies; the other gave birth to 7.

Jennifer and Kevin Boltz went to the island to celebrate Jennifer's 40th birthday.

They rescued two dogs named Coconut and Maisie.

“We fell in love with them and just had to do anything to get them back here with us," Jennifer said.

It took about two weeks for the Boltz family to get the dogs to the Denver area. Shortly after the dogs arrived, the family noticed their bellies were quickly growing larger. However, they at first assumed it was simply because they were malnourished and were now being properly fed.

Then, the family realized Coconut was pregnant. Six days later, they realized Maisie was pregnant as well.

Between Jennifer, Kevin, their two children, two dogs they had before Maisie and Coconut, plus all the new dogs, the Boltz family now had 25 members.

“Saving 19 dogs’ lives is teaching our kids love and kindness. It’s pretty amazing," Jennifer said.

Now, the Boltz family is working to get the dogs adopted to good homes.

“The ultimate goal -- we’ve built a substantial list -- is to find these dogs a good home," Kevin said.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help pay for the family's expenses related to the dogs.

There is also a Facebook group where people can follow the dogs' journey.

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