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Grandoozy ticket money going to street safety and plants for pollinators

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DENVER -- When the city of Denver spends money, the city council and city departments usually decide where that cash goes.

But recently, people in one neighborhood had the chance to help spend more than a quarter of a million dollars - money the city collected from ticket sales from last year's Grandoozy concert festival at the Overland Park Golf Course.

In the last few months, the city's hosted community meetings and conducted an online survey to let dozens of neighbors help decide where the money would go.

In the end, they decided to spend about $137,000 on plants for pollinators - birds, bees and more - along Sanderson Gulch and another $137,000 on street safety for cyclists and pedestrians at the corner of Florida Avenue and South Platte River Drive.

"One’s kind of aesthetic and fun and great and the other is really good about safety," said Helene Orr, who lives in Overland Park and was very involved with the spending process. "So, I think it’s great."

"It was such a cool process," said City Council President Jolon Clark. "The community was awesome. Everybody showed up and came with all these real ideas."

Construction on both projects could start anytime.

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