Bear cub killed in Jefferson County when unsecured dumpster tips over

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo.– On Monday morning, Colorado Parks and Wildlife sent out a tweet about the death of a bear cub in Jefferson County.

In the tweet, wildlife officials shared that a 30-pound male cub was killed after a dumpster tipped over on it, crushing it.

“Not only is human trash a major attractant that leads to the habituation of bears & increases human-bear conflicts, it is also deadly to our bears in many ways.”

CPW also shared that this is an unusual case.

“This is highly unusual, but it does go to show one of the many aspects of trouble when it comes to bears and human trash. Dumpsters should always be secured so a bear can’t get inside and placed on solid, flat ground where it does not present a danger to people or wildlife.”

We’ve decided to leave out the pictures from CPW due to the graphic nature of the content. If you would like to see them, here’s the link. 

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