Aurora man sentenced to 18 years for dragging woman under his trailer before driving off, leaving her dead

Source: Aurora Police Department

AURORA, Colo.– The man who authorities say killed a woman by running her over in August of 2018 has been sentenced.

On Thursday, an Arapahoe County District Court judge sentenced Henry Lawrence Wardwell, 49, to 18 years in prison for dragging Juliet Powell-Brown under his trailer before driving off and leaving her dead in the street.

During sentencing, District Attorney George Brauchler shared his approval of the sentence.

“What kind of person mortally wounds another member of our community and then leaves them to die an unimaginable death?” Brauchler said. “To do so while on probation for another felony conviction proves that there is only one place for this selfish miscreant: prison. No license + no insurance + no human decency = no freedom. Of course, under our ridiculous sentencing scheme, this repeat felon will be eligible for parole in a fraction of his earned sentence. Colorado deserves better.”

Police say Wardwell backed his pickup truck towing a camping trailer into a sedan near East Mississippi Avenue and South Chambers Road about 5:30 p.m. on August 6, 2018.

Wardwell left the scene, going southbound on Chambers Road. The sedan with two women and one man followed the truck.

Police said Wardwell turned west onto East Mexico Avenue and pulled over several hundred feet later.

The man and his wife in the sedan approached Wardwell about the accident.

Police said Wardwell began to make a U-turn, with the camping trailer running over the woman.

She became trapped under the trailer for several blocks before being dislodged, police said.

Several people called 911 and they followed the truck and trailer. Just before 5:45 p.m., officers found the truck and trailer and took Wardwell into custody.

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