Denver neighborhood develops creative method to help keep pedestrians safe

DENVER — A Denver neighborhood is doing its best to help prevent pedestrians from being hit on their streets.

They’ve come up with an innovative idea that’s designed to get driver’s attention as people use cross walks. Pedestrian Safety flags have been set up at about dozen crossings in Tennyson. Toilet brush canisters filled with them are attached to cross walk signs on Tennyson Street.

The owners of the Future Drawn oneLINE Art Gallery came up with the idea, and people using them say they're great.

“(They are,) especially if you have other people with you," Emily Clark, a neighborhood resident, said. "Getting the drivers' attention that you're crossing the street getting them to slow down."

Jonathan Applegate, co-owner of the Future Drawn oneLINE Art Gallery, said the business relies on street traffic.

"It’s important to be able to be able to navigate safely," Applegate said.

Gallery owner Kim Johnson said there is a lot of construction and pedestrians have to zig-zag to navigate sidewalks.

The flags and buckets cost $340, but a lot of people are using them on busy days.

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