20 Colorado Red Cross Volunteers head to Florida in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian

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DENVER -- Additional help from Colorado is on the way to the East coast, ahead of Hurricane Dorian's anticipated arrival.

Twenty members of the American Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming are heading to Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, to assist with the storm.

"We got here yesterday afternoon, with the idea that we'd be out here ahead of the storm," said Bill Fortune, a regional communications specialist for the Red Cross in Colorado, Saturday. "It's gorgeous out here, 84 degrees, wind coming off the ocean. But it's going to get a lot worse over the next 48 hours."

Fortune said teams from the Red Cross are staging supplies in Eastern Alabama, preparing to follow the storm up the coast with recovery efforts.

"We want to be ready and poised to move right in as soon as anything happens" he said. "Everything from diapers to food is on 30 semis coming this way."

Fortune also helped following hurricane Irma, and said while difficult, the work is rewarding.

"The feeling that you get after you help someone come into a warm, safe shelter after everything they have is soaked, it's a real good feeling," he said.

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