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Get ready, Colorado. Farmers’ Almanac predicts frigid, snowy winter ‘Polar Coaster Winter Ahead’

Ben Gauthier, flatirons of Boulder

DENVER– The Farmers’ Almanac released its 2019-2020 winter outlook. Buckle up, Colorado. It could be a bumpy winter.

The Farmers’ Almanac’s headline for this winter is “Polar Coaster Winter Ahead”.

“Our extended forecast is calling for yet another freezing, frigid, and frosty winter for two-thirds of the country,” shares Editor Peter Geiger, Philom.

As for Colorado, the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a frigid and snowy winter, with an above-average amount of snow.

It also says the coldest periods will be from mid-December to early January and from late January into mid-February.

So how does the Farmers’ Almanac come up with its forecast?  Its forecasters use an “exclusive mathematical and astronomical formula, that relies on sunspot activity, tidal action, planetary position and many other factors.”

You can read the entire outlook here. 

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