Busy intersection concerns Lakewood neighbors

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A concerned neighbor says she’s witnessed far too many crashes at one Kipling intersection.

Gabrielle Reynolds is calling for more safety restrictions, but says she hasn’t been able to get a straight answer on who’s responsible for making them.

Reynolds says she lives so close to the intersection at Kipling and Lakehurst - which turns into Stanford on the east side of the intersection - she’s heard a lot of the car wrecks over the past seven years.

“Some of them sound very bad, and some of them are very bad, she told FOX31.

One of the more recent wrecks at that intersection hit close to home for her.

“My best friend got hit and had to get surgery on his shoulder from getting hit by a car at this intersection.”

She says the biggest problem is this green light, for drivers trying to turn left—on both Stanford and Lakehurst—and believes it should only be a green arrow.

“It’s hard to see another car in the turning lane on the opposite side of the road when you’re in a turning lane.”

“You can’t see if there’s oncoming traffic, and then you turn and you get hit,” she added.

During the interview, Reynolds pointed out what she referred to as a close call, as a truck turned left in front of oncoming traffic.

“Look how close that car was just to hitting that truck, just because it’s hard to see if you’re safe enough to turn,” she explained.

So Reynolds reached out to Jefferson County, try and get the lights changed.

“They said it wasn’t their jurisdiction at all,” she recalled.

Her next e-mail was to the city of Lakewood.

“They said they owned only part of the road, that they owned Stanford and Kipling, and not Lakehurst and Kipling.”

The third email was to the city of Denver.

“They said that Jefferson [county] owned it. So it was just a big mix-up and I didn’t know who owned what.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told Fox31 on Friday the intersection falls under two jurisdictions.

The east side of the intersection, Kipling and Stanford, is within city limits.

The west side, Kipling and Lakehurst, is in unincorporated Jefferson County.

The Denver Police Department has reported three crashes at the intersection this year, and Lakewood PD has reported two—both in the last month.

Reynolds says regardless of the statistics, she wants to find a safer solution.

“I just want them to take ownership and realize how much of a problem it actually is.”

No word yet on whether the city of county has plans to make any changes to those traffic lights.

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