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Go Topless parade at Civic Center Park on Sunday

DENVER– The Denver GoTopless foundation is holding a parade on Sunday at Civic Center Park, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

According to the foundation’s website, “Denver GoTopless celebrates how women are able to be topless in Denver city limits within the same contexts where it’s socially acceptable for men.  We seek to normalize topless equality, as a means of combating objectification and rape culture. ”

According to the GoTopless foundation, concepts are:

  • Nudity and sexuality aren’t the same thing

  • Dignity and respect should be based on behavior and context, not on skin.

  • Instead of blaming & shaming, take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.

  • Denver GoTopless is merely advocating, for women, privileges that men already have.

The website lists these guidelines:

  • No blocking traffic
  • No “flash for cash” solicitations
  • No sexual contact
  • No sexual conduct (i.e., no purposeful intent to arouse)

If you’re curious about the statutes regarding public nudity in Denver, you can read them here.

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