Tourists in rental car caught in bison stampede at Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — A family visiting Yellowstone National Park got caught in the middle of a huge massive bison stampede that damaged their rental vehicle.

Video shows more than 100 animals charging at vehicles that stopped on the road.

One bison hit the family’s vehicle, smashing the front windshield.

“I can’t believe we didn’t take the insurance,” a man said on the video shot by the Delle Chiaie family. “The whole hood is crushed.”

It’s been an active year for bison in Yellowstone.

In July, a 9-year-old Florida girl was injured after she was tossed in the air by a bison.

And a man was caught on video trying to pet a bison on a crowded boardwalk near a thermal area.

Video footage taken by the Delle Chiaie family shows the bison herd charging among a line of cars driving in the park’s Lamar Valley in Wyoming.

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