Hot weather altering taste of tap water in Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. -- Dozens of Aurora residents are complaining about foul tasting and smelling water.

"To me it kind of smells like oil, like motor oil," said Trish Randall, an Aurora resident.

"It's kind of slimy and it tastes like rotten eggs," said Chandra, Trish's daughter.

'It's just terrible. It's an algae smell, like you're near stagnant water," said Tanya Dunlap, another resident.

The city of Aurora says they have heard complaints from some residents who say their water tastes a little different. The city says the recent stretch of hot weather is to blame.

"We knew all this was coming up. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do, especially about the taste side," said Greg Baker with Aurora Water.

Baker says the recent stretch of prolonged hot weather has resulted in more organic activity in Aurora Reservoir, the main source of the city's water. He says it's something that happens every three or four years. The lake has more algae. It's non-toxic algae, but it is affecting the taste.

"It creates a flavor, pushes off a flavor that our processes just aren't designed to handle," said Baker.

However, Baker stresses the water is safe.

"This is not a health issue. Aurora's water meets all state and federal regulations," he said.

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