What’s preventing Hickenlooper from running for Senate?

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DENVER -- What is preventing former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper from running for Senate? At first, the answer is obvious: he is still a presidential candidate.

However, when one looks deeper, it is evident why Hickenlooper is having some reservations about dropping out of the race for president and running for Senate.

One reason: Hickenlooper's past comments.

In June, Hickenlooper told KOA NewsRadio in Denver, "If you look at the skillsets of what I'm good at, that's very different than what happens in the Senate."

Earlier this year in Texas, Hickenlooper said, "Some of my best friends are senators. I don't think I'm cut out for that."

Another reason: possible progressive pushback.

While Hickenlooper will likely get some of the 11 candidates running for the nomination to drop out should he run, not all would do so.

Joe Salazar is a top Bernie Sanders supporter in the state and former Democratic state representative.

"We don't need him a senator, we don't want him as a senator," Salazar said. "I don't think he would make it out of the primary."

However, there are plenty of reasons for Hickenlooper to still run. He is still a popular former governor in the state who would immediately become the favorite to win the nomination.

"I think you will see something change in the next 10 days," said Andy Boian, FOX31's political analyst. "He's got hire-ups both in the U.S. Senate and elsewhere saying, 'Please come back and look at this race in Colorado.' And he is feeling pressure to do so."

When Republican Sen. Cory Gardner was asked what he thought of Hickenlooper's possible run, he said, "Who else isn't?" referencing the number of Democrats in the field.

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