Flowers, plants, milk, seat cushions being stolen from Denver doorsteps

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DENVER -- Every neighborhood has its problems, but the Baker and Platt Park neighborhoods are dealing with some unusual ones.

Sara Moravek couldn't believe her ears when her neighbor told her a woman in her 60s had ridden up on a bike, pulled a pair of shears out of her back pocket and had started cutting the roses right beneath Moravek's window.

"She was 100 percent prepared to not only ravage through my yard, but probably multiple yards along her bike ride," Moravek said. "The entitlement and audacity to think that just because they're here, she has a right to take them. I thought that was so brazen."

Just a few blocks away, it wasn't flowers being swiped; it was seat cushions.

Joy Norris is now locking up her patio furniture after a cushion crook walked up onto her porch and stole them off her chairs.

"If they get it now, they're now going to have to drag all three pieces at the same time," Norris said.

Just down the road, it's mayhem over milk.

Suzanne Gilbert and several other neighbors are having their Royal Crest deliveries stolen from their doorsteps.

"We usually hide stuff in the bushes. We're taking stuff in at night now," Gilbert said.

The crimes are all being committed by brazen thieves, small enough that police reports aren't being filed, but annoying enough that the thieves have become a big thorn in the sides of homeowners.

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