Colorado woman survives bear encounter in Canada

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Colorado has seen a spike in bear activity as housing spreads and human population booms.

In Estes Park, a hungry black bruin broke into a pizza parlor. In Leadville, one bear joined a marathon in mid-race.

Denver resident Sherry Moore has heard all the stories. She is a lover of the outdoors, and her sense of adventure found her in Whistler, Canada, “It was a small mountain town. It was like being in Breckenridge.”

She decided to go on a hike and hit the trail around 5 p.m. “I went at five because I thought there would be lots of people. It would be a better time to go.”

That’s when she ran into a bear. Remarkably, she took pictures and a little video with her cell phone, “I was like in shock because like it was not reality. It was in my face, its face was right here, I was making eye contact with the bear."

Moore said she did not panic and instead scolded the bear like she would a dog. It backed down, she escaped unharmed and offers up this advice, “Find out and just know what to do in case. Pure and simple, educate yourself and just be aware."

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