U.S. land managers reviewing state protest of Colorado plan

At sunrise, a single male Gunnison sage grouse framed by a rancher's barbed wire fence displays during a mating ritual on a lek on the sagebrush covered plains outside of Gunnison, Colorado. The species is severely threatened as its range has been greatly reduced. (Photo: iStock)

DENVER — Federal land managers say they’re reviewing a protest letter from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources over the Trump administration’s management plan for public lands in the southwest part of the state.

Department Director Dan Gibbs sent the U.S. Bureau of Land Management a letter Monday saying the plan doesn’t do enough to protect the Gunnison sage grouse, which is a threatened species, or migrating wildlife.

Gibbs also objected to the way the plan was developed, saying the bureau gave state officials only one day to review it before making it public and opening a 30-day protest period.

Bureau spokesman Steven Hall says the agency is considering the letter.

The plan covers federal public land in Delta, Gunnison, Mesa, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties.

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