Historic photos show Union Station through the years

(Detroit Publishing Co. via Library of Congress)

DENVER — Union Station is celebrating five years since its reopening following major renovations.

The historic transportation hub opened again on July 26, 2014 after closing for construction in December 2012.

The current station originally opened in 1914. The first Union Station opened on the same site in 1881, but burned in a 1894 fire.

More Photos: Satellite images show how area around Union Station has changed

Today, Union Station is home to stores and restaurants, and the Crawford Hotel. It sits in the growing LoDo neighborhood, surrounded by buildings filled with apartments, condos, restaurants, shops, as well as some other historic Denver buildings.

Take a look through the photos below to see Union Station through the years.

Photos of Union Station

Looking down 17th Street towards the second Union Station building and the Mizpah Arch, circa 1908.

By Detroit Publishing Company via United States Library of Congress (Public Domain)

The arch at “Union Depot,” circa 1908.

(A.C. Roebuck. via Library of Congress)

A stereo photograph looking down 17th from California Street to “Union Depot.” Printed in 1906.

(Universal View Co., via Library of Congress)

A color postcard of Union Depot, printed in 1898.

By Scan by NYPL, Public Domain, Link

A stereo photograph of Union Depot from the late 1800s.

By Unknown – This image is available from the New York Public Library, Public Domain, Link

The welcome arch outside Union Station, circa  1908.

(Detroit Publishing Co. via Library of Congress)

An aerial view of Union Depot in this stereo photograph printed in the late 1800s.

By Unknown – This image is available from the New York Public Library, Public Domain, Link

Taxis lined up outside Union Station in September 1950.

A man sits in the waiting area in July 1953.

A view from behind the Union Station sign, showing current-day LoDo and downtown Denver.

(Getty Images)

Scaffolding around the exterior of Union Station during major renovations in 2013.

By SeraphimbladeOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Crews working on the Union Station renovation in 2011, on the future site of the open-air train hall.

(Getty Images)

Outside the renovated Union Station, showing the jet fountains.

(Getty Images)

A look down into the Great Hall in 2016, following Union Station renovations.

(Getty Images)

Inside Union Station in 2016, showing the Cooper Lounge above, and outside of the Terminal Bar below.

(Getty Images)

Inside the Great Hall in 2016, as people work in the public spaces outside the Terminal Bar.

(Getty Images)

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