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CDOT considering additional runaway truck ramp on I-70 near Denver

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DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation is considering an additional runaway truck ramp on eastbound Interstate 70 heading into metro Denver.

Currently, only one ramp exists on the east side of the Eisenhower Tunnel, at Mt. Vernon.

The gravel ramp allows truck drivers who have lost their brakes a chance to safely stop on steep downhill grades.

Runaway truck ramps have received plenty of attention in recent months, after a fiery crash on I-70 near the Denver West exit in which four people died.

The driver of that semi-truck, Rogel Aguilera-Moderos, claims he lost his brakes coming out of the mountains.

Video shows him passing the Mt. Vernon ramp, before eventually crashing more than 5 miles downhill.

CDOT spokesperson Bob Wilson sent the following to FOX31 Wednesday:

"CDOT engineers have been looking at a few sites east of the Mount Vernon ramp but, at this point, nothing has been determined. Work continues, though. There are not a lot of good options for installing a ramp east of the Mount Vernon ramp."

Brian Le is a semi-truck driver in Colorado and says an additional ramp could save lives.

"We should have one closer to Denver," he said. "You never know when an instance you'll have to use one, so a couple more in between would be very useful."

Others, like Blaine Luckner, say additional ramps are unnecessary because safety training should prevent them from being needed in the first place.

"If you're following the speed limit and you have basic experience to know how to use your engine brake, there's a good chance the ramp might never happen," he said.

CDOT says since 2016, the Mt. Vernon ramp has been used nine times.

Two runaway ramps on the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel are used dozens of times each year.

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