Video appears to show man assaulting woman in road-rage incident in Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora woman says she was assaulted by a food delivery driver following a road-rage incident Monday.

The woman, Michelle, was headed home from Walmart when she says a man cut her off in traffic and clipped her car.

She says she followed him into the parking lot of an Aurora strip mall, hoping to exchange information.

"I could not believe how upset he got. To me, it was a minor fender bender," she said.

However, while following the man through a parking lot, Michelle says the man slammed on his brakes, hoping she would rear-end him. He then slowly backs into her and taps her car with his car.

That's when Michelle told her 9-year-old son to take her cellphone and start recording.

"Thank God we got the video because when we watched the video with officers, you can see him back into my car," Michelle said.

It was a gentle tap, but what happened next was anything but gentle.

"He grabbed my phone and chucked it across the parking lot," Michelle said.

When the delivery driver then walked into a restaurant, witnesses sprang into action.

"Another woman who was there boxed him in with her truck while we were calling 911," Michelle said.

The driver returned, now unable to leave.

However, 911 dispatchers advised the women to let him drive away, worried the situation could escalate.

"He would have run over me. Even the other witnesses said that he would kill me," Michelle said.

However, what gets Michelle most is that the damage to her car is minor and hard to detect. That's something she didn't realize when she initially followed the man into the parking lot.

"I believe if he would have stopped, I would have been like, 'It's OK. No damage. Bye. Have a nice day,'" she said.

Aurora police are investigating the incident but have yet to make an arrest or charge the man with a crime. The suspect's name has not yet been released.

It's unclear which food delivery company or platform employs the man. Uber says it does not appear the man works for them based on the license plate provided to the company.

Lyft says the man was an employee of their platform, but was not working for Lyft at the time of the incident. Lyft has suspended the driver.

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