Organizers say they have enough signatures to put repeal of National Popular Vote to a vote

DENVER -- It was one of the most controversial pieces of legislation signed into law in 2019: the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact calls for Colorado's electors to the electoral college to vote for the winner of the national popular vote and not the winner of Colorado.

The legislation only takes effect if enough states join -- thus far, 15 states plus the District of Columbia have joined the compact.

Now, organizers of an effort to repeal the law say they have enough signatures to put the issue on the 2020 ballot.

"We have over 185,000 signatures and petitions are coming in in packets," said Rose Pugliese, a Mesa County commissioner and organizer of the effort. "They don't want California and New York making those decisions. They want Coloradan votes to stay in Colorado."

Pugliese says they have well over the necessary threshold (which is around 125,000 signatures) to qualify for the ballot and will submit them on Aug. 1. A celebratory rally will also take place that day.

"There has not been a referendum to the ballot like this since the 1930s," Pugliese said.

So, what does Gov. Jared Polis think of the effort to repeal the law he signed?

"People have the ability to petition, I think that is great," Polis said at a press conference this week at the Capitol. "Many of the best laws this state has passed were by the people of Colorado and not by legislators, so if they have a sufficient number to get on the ballot, the people of Colorado will have their say."

All signatures submitted will need to be verified by the Colorado Secretary of State.

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