Signs up at Coors Field ‘Dismount All Scooters, Bikes, Skateboards’

DENVER — There are some new rules in place regarding people using scooters, bikes and skateboards near Coors Field.

On Thursday morning, signs could be seen near Blake Street reading “Dismount all scooters/bikes/skateboards no riding beyond this point”.

A section of Blake Street is closed to traffic on Blake Street on game days. Now that traffic will also include scooters, bikes and skateboards, according to the signs.

On Thursday evening, the Colorado Rockies said the new rules are not a ban.

The team said the following via Twitter:

“There is no ‘ban.’ There is a new bike/scooter/skateboard dismount area on Blake, a two-block stretch between 20th & 22nd, beginning two hours before first pitch. This change was made in the interest of fan safety with the large numbers of pedestrians in that area on game days.”

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