Officials kill bear after it damages Steamboat Springs neighborhood

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have euthanized a bear after it broke into garages and vehicles across a residential neighborhood in Steamboat Springs.

The Steamboat Pilot & Today reported Wednesday that Routt County officials put the bear down last week because it showed little fear toward Steamboat Springs residents.

Authorities say the bear caused extensive damage in search of food including breaking into two garages, three cars and multiple trash cans.

Wildlife manager Kris Middledorf says officers will aim to safely relocate animals that pose threats, but this bear was too destructive.

Middledorf says he advises people to lock doors and secure garbage with bear-proof certified trash containers.

Resident Kristen Lillie says she bear-proofed her dumpster with a metal bar, but it did not stop the animal.

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