Denver Parks and Recreation director receiving threats because of geese killing

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DENVER — The Denver Parks and Recreation director in charge of the Canada geese roundup told FOX31 he's getting threats because of it.

"I have received numerous threats against me. That’s not OK," Scott Gilmore, deputy executive director of the parks department, said.

Gilmore spoke to FOX31 Thursday, for the first time since the program started.

In the past two weeks, in conjunction with the federal government, Denver has rounded up and killed nearly 1,700 of the city's 5,000 Canada geese that permanently live in parks. The goose meat is now being donated to families in need.

The program has drawn praise from those who are tired of the geese and their droppings (up to a pound per day, per goose).

But it's also drawn criticism from many, including Carole Woodall, who organized a protest at Washington Park last weekend.

"There's a lot of frustration," Woodall said of the geese killing. "There's a lot of outrage. There's a lot of anger. There's also a lot of sadness."

Gilmore said he understands that, but said some are taking it too far.

"What’s been very frustrating lately, is that people have started attacking my children and they’ve come after them on Facebook...on Instagram," Gilmore said. "It’s not acceptable. You can talk to can talk to me you can call can insult me. Leave my children out of it."

The geese killing program is done for this year. Gilmore said the city will re-evaluate it next summer.

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