Researchers track elk’s 250-mile journey to give birth in Colorado high country

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Wildlife researchers say an elk traveled more than 250 miles across the Colorado high country to give birth.

The Steamboat Pilot and Today reported that Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials placed a collar on the elk cow known as R190 near the Maybell, about 30 miles west of Craig, in late March.

Officials tracked the elk as she zigzagged east and crossed the Continental Divide. She gave birth last month in North Park, a large mountain valley in north-central Colorado.

State wildlife researcher Nathaniel Rayl says the distance the elk traveled was significant, but elk don’t really have average migration distance.

They might travel great distances one year but stay put the next.

The elk was equipped with a GPS collar as part of study tracking the survival of elk calves.

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