New vaping law in Colorado goes into effect

Data pix.

DENVER -- A new law goes into effect Monday that greatly restricts e-cigarette use across Colorado.

Supporters say it's an effort to cut down on teen e-cigarette use that health officials say has reached "epidemic levels."

The new law essentially says people can't vape inside any public building or any businesses with a few exceptions.

It also says people can't vape within 25 feet of the main or front doorway of a building.

The bill puts e-cigarette use in the same category as tobacco cigarettes under the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

That means anywhere smoking a cigarette is banned, now vaping is not allowed.

Cigar-tobacco bars and cannabis clubs are among the few places smoking and vaping are still allowed.

Supporters say it's an effort to cut back on people breathing in e-cigarette vapors second-hand and to also discourage e-cigarette use among teenagers.

The American Lung Association says the teen vaping rate in Colorado is higher than in any other state.

Also starting Monday, Walmart is raising the age people can buy tobacco and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21. It's also stopping sales of fruit- and dessert-flavored nicotine products.

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