Frisco Bay Marina’s expansion plan well underway

FRISCO, Colo. — Phase one of a multi-million-dollar project to expand and improve the Frisco Bay Marina in Summit County is nearly complete.

The project started after the marina started seeing a huge spike in visitation numbers year after year.

“It’s become a very busy place,” said Tom Hogeman, the marina’s general manager.

The ‘Marina Master Plan’ will take several years to complete. But Hogeman said phase one of the plan is wrapping up right now. Phase one is called, 'The Big Dig.'

‘The Big Dig’ centered around excavation. According to Hogeman, crews dug out 85,000 cubic yards of dirt and sand from the lake bed of Dillon Reservoir.

“[We put lake bed dirt] up on land to create new land and to create a deeper bay,” he said.

That new land will feature a beach that’s 400 feet wide, compared to the old 90 foot beach. The boat ramp will be longer too — featuring three lands instead of one and a half.

“All told I think we gained four acres of land,” Hogeman said.

According to Hogeman, the town of Frisco is providing the marina with $12 million overall to complete the multi-year project. It’s a direct result of increased visitation.

In 2014, the marina had 9,516 boat rentals. In 2018, the number of rentals jumped up to 14,868.

"It used to be weekdays around here were pretty quiet. Now, there’s days where we sell out during the week,” Hogeman said.

A lot of those people are coming from out of state and out of the country.

There’s still plenty of work to be done on the project, but that will resume in 2020.

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