Parents say problems started early at baseball game that ended in brawl

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Parents who witnessed the fight that erupted at a baseball game for 7-year-olds said problems with one of the coaches started early and tension quickly escalated.

Lizmar Thurber and her husband have a 7-year-old on one of the teams. Thurber said problems started when the a coach on the opposing team yelled a profanity at a mom on the other team during the game Saturday at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood.

"We weren’t arguing about a bad call. That’s a misconception. We are arguing because the coach that was getting violent dropped a huge f-bomb," Thurber said.

"Told one of our parents, you need to shut the (expletive) up.' That’s when we said, 'Whoa, you’re not going to talk like that in front of our kids."

"We said we might have to do something here and we were talking to the umpire and that’s when the other coach throws our coach in a headlock," Thurber's husband said.

Thurber got out her phone and started filming as other parents in the stands called 911.

"As a mom, it’s almost like I can’t believe this is happening and that my kids are watching this," Thurber said. "It’s also safety. Not only for my children but everyone involved. It’s our team’s kids and the other team’s kids."

The couple said their son's team had played this team before. During the previous game, Thurber said the same problematic coach from the opposing team yelled profanities at families. Thurber said the couple sent emails to the league requesting an adult umpire for Saturday's game because of the "weird tension." However, when they arrived, they saw 13-year-olds would serve as the umpires.

She's upset for all who witnessed the fight.

"There was a rage. Almost like a blindness. At one point, I start praying because I can’t even believe this is going on," Thurber said.

The teams involved were part of the Bear Creek Junior Sports Assocation.

"BCJSA would like to apologize to our members and community in regards to the events that took place this past weekend," it said in a statement. "BCJSA has ZERO tolerance for this type of behavior ... PERIOD.

We are embarrassed, ashamed and angry that this has taken place.  As of now, the Jeffco Co-Op has ended the seaon (sic) for both teams involved and all BC coaches and parents identified participating in the incident are being removed indefinitely."

Police said five people have been cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public. There are no reports of any children being injured.

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