Colorado outdoor recreation industry could be hit by tariff effects

DENVER -- Outdoor recreational purchases could cost a lot more in the future if the U.S.-China trade war continues to heat up.

Zeus Cochrane of Hennesy Hammock Company in British Columbia said 60 percent to 70 percent of its business comes from the U.S.

He says with a new set of proposed tariffs, that would likely encompass $61 billion in outdoor recreation goods and things would become more difficult.

"Unfortunately, we're probably going to see either more sparseness in what's available. We'll have the potential to see increases in prices that are handed down to the end consumer," Cochrane said.

Colorado's outdoor recreation industry's economic impact is about $62.5 billion, with outdoor recreation supporting 511,000 jobs in the state.

There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding retailers and it's still unclear if the new tariffs will go into effect.

President Donald Trump plans to discuss that further later this month.

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