Florida boy runs mile, flag in hand, to pay tribute to Trooper William Moden

DENVER -- A 10-year-old from Florida showed his support for fallen Trooper William Moden by running a mile with a thin blue line flag over the weekend.

Zechariah Cartledge runs a mile for every fallen hero across the country, which also includes firefighters and K-9 officers.

Moden was the 149th person Cartledge has run a mile for since 2018.

“My goal is to let them know officers are good people and I really hope no one will pass away from this when they keep watching my videos,” Cartledge said in a Skype interview Monday.

He’s gained a large following online — and on the track, where he now runs all of his miles.

Four different law enforcement agencies joined him in his most recent run for Moden.

“Most of them are on duty at the time,” Cartledge explained.

During our interview Monday afternoon, he was just hours away from running mile #150 or Officer Steve Brown out of Florida.

“I think this is my fifth day in a row that I’ve run for a fallen officer. It’s just really sad,” Cartledge said.

The track he runs on equals out to seven laps per mile.

Cartledge says he uses each lap to reflect.

“I’m thinking I really want to do my all for this officer because every time I run, I know that that officer did all he or she could while serving," he said.

At the end of his mile-long run on Sunday, he shared a message with his many Facebook live viewers.

“Please watch the road while you’re driving because it can break someone’s heart, family and their department," he said.

While Cartledge has had a lot of people reach out to support his mission, he says it’s the positive messages from those closest to the fallen that keep him going.

“That’s the best part of doing this -- hearing from the families and departments and feeling how touching and inspiring that was and that they have a bit of happiness through this hard time," he said.

The flag he ran with Sunday was sent to Moden's family.

As part of Cartledge’s mission, he is also raising money for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

You can click here to learn more about the it, and how to donate to his cause.

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