Cases of mumps, chicken pox confirmed at Aurora ICE facility

AURORA, Colo. - There are now confirmed cases of the mumps at chicken pox at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Contract Detention Facility in Aurora.

The Tri-County Health Department told FOX31 there's one confirmed case of chicken pox (varicella), one confirmed case of the mumps and one probable case of the mumps.

ICE also said because of the isolated cases, 142 of the 1,279 detainees in Aurora are being cohorted, or grouped together because they may have been exposed to the contagious diseases. The spaces they use are being cleaned as well.

The health department is now checking in with the ICE facility once a week and giving immigrants vaccinations.

This comes on the heels of a report that 5,200 detainees nationwide may have been exposed to the diseases in 39 ICE facilities.

ICE sent FOX31 the following statement:

"ICE detainees are cohorted if they were exposed to someone who has either been confirmed to have mumps, or someone who is suggestive of mumps and are still undergoing testing for mumps, or they were exposed to someone who is determined by the health department to have probable mumps (meaning they are symptomatic and were exposed to a lab confirmed person). The requirements or management of asymptomatic detainees who were exposed to a person with confirmed, probable, or suspected mumps are under restricted movement until 25 days have passed after the most recent exposure. All detainees have been given the MMR vaccine."

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