Mines students create Iron Man suit for national TV show

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GOLDEN — Some engineering students helped re-create the suit worn by famed superhero: Iron Man.

Adam Savage, host of the hit TV show, ‘Myth Busters’, visited the Colorado School of Mines several months ago and approached Craig Brice, who serves as the school’s Director of Advanced Manufacturing Program.

"And he [Savage] asked him: 'Craig, would you build me a 3D Titanium Printed Iron Man Suit? Of course, Craig couldn’t refuse that opportunity. Who would?” explained Jesse Adamczyk, a PHD candidate at the engineering school.

Adamczyk was part of the team who worked on the project.

"I never thought I’d have an opportunity to work on something like this!” he said.

All in all, the project took three months to complete.

“Craig [Brice] got the parts from Marvel studios,” Adamczyk added. "And he had to do a whole lot of processing on them”.

The suit consists of 250 individual pieces. Each piece came from a 3D printer.

“A lot of those parts were brought over to Mines and we had to piece the actual suit together. We had to do a lot of the fitting and things like that,” Adamczyk said.

In the end, the suit looked exactly like Iron Man’s. Even though it doesn’t shoot beams, it can fly.

"They put jetpacks on their arms on the suit and fly around in it,” explained Adamczyk.

You can see how well the suit turned out when Adam Savage’s new show, ‘Savage Builds’, debuts this Friday at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.

If you're wondering what happens to the suit after the episode airs, we're told Savage gets to keep it. Lucky guy!

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