Gardner speaks on Trump winning Colorado, has message for critics about reelection

Sen. Cory Gardner

DENVER — Sen. Cory Gardner sat down with FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George Wednesday to discuss President Donald Trump, 2020 and his reelection chances.

“This is a choice, a choice between the future of socialism or the future of free-market opportunities,” Gardner said. “I will be supporting, as I’ve said, the administration. I will agree with them where I agree with them and disagree with them where I disagree with them.”

When asked if Trump can win Colorado, Gardner responded, “he certainly can.”

“If you look at the rejection of taxes in 2018, if you look at the rejection of anti-energy measures in 2018, I think Colorado voters have spoken on those policies,” Gardner added.

Gardner has been described by some as the most vulnerable Republican senator in 2020. He will be competing for reelection in a purpleish-blue state during Trump’s reelection.

St. George asked Gardner what he says to the critics who say he has no chance of winning reelection.

“Well, you can ask Sen. Udall that question,” Gardner responded, referring to the Democrat Gardner defeated five years ago.

Gardner does not know who will be his ultimate challenger. There are at least nine Democrats running for the nomination.

When asked if he was paying attention to any of the candidates, he said, “we are going to continue to do what is right for the people of Colorado.”

“We have cut taxes, allowing more Americans to keep their hard-earned money in the pocket,” Gardner said.

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