Little girl sells lemonade to buy new bike after old one was stolen

DENVER — A 9-year-old girl from south Denver is selling lemonade so she can buy a new bike to replace the one a thief stole from her a couple weeks ago.

Nay Vigil’s stand is setup at the corner of Federal Boulevard and Mexico Avenue.

For fifty cents, you can get a cup of lemonade and help support a heartwarming effort.

“It was one of my favorite birthday presents I’ve ever got,” Nay said of her bike. “And then I just decided why don’t I have a lemonade stand so I can make some money?”

So far, Nay has welcomed several customers to her stand.

She’s not sure how long it will take to earn enough money to buy a new bike, but in the meantime she’s learning an important lesson about what’s right and what’s wrong.

She even has a message for the thief who stole her bike:

“I would just tell them, ‘Well that’s the wrong thing that you steal! And that stealing is a bad thing! And just to let you know I’ll earn my own money and get my own bike,” the little girl said.

If you’d like to help Nay, you can visit her lemonade stand or e-mail the Problem Solvers at

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