Englewood to consider camping ban along South Platte River

The Englewood City Council tabled a bill Monday night that would make it easier for the city to stop camping along the South Platte River. It will be discussed at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

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The Englewood City Council on Monday could move forward on a bill that would make it easier for the city to stop camping along the South Platte River.

Last week, the Englewood Police Department told people who had been camping along the river they had to leave, citing it as a public nuisance.

On Monday night, there will be a second reading of the proposal that some council members are calling a backward camping ban.

If passed, the bill rewords an ordinance already in place, clarifying what the parks department can control.

The bill’s language changes the definition of what the parks department operates from a “park or rec facility” to specific wording including, “beaches, shorelines and open areas used for recreation.”

In recent weeks, Englewood made headlines with an estimated 48 camps along the river.

If passed, those spaces could only be used during designated park hours, the city says. The first reading of the bill happened at the end of May, passing 5-2.

During the May meeting, some city officials said there has been confusion over how to stop camping along the river because jurisdiction lines were unclear.

The parks department said that has been solved.

Those who voted against the amendment believe it gives the parks department too much control.

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