Longmont police exhume body from Greeley grave as part of ongoing investigation

GREELEY, Colo. -- Longmont police exhumed a body from a grave in a Greeley cemetery Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation.

The body was taken out of a grave at Linn Grove Cemetery. Authorities placed it back in the grave the same day.

The grave is that of Delmar Burns, a Greeley man who died in March 2018.

Longmont police have disclosed few details in regards to the case.

It is unknown whether investigators are interested in Burns' remains or that of another body from an unauthorized burial at the cemetery.

Longmont police said no search warrant has been filed in the case -- something FOX31 and Channel 2 confirmed with the court clerk's office on Wednesday.

FOX31 and Channel 2 tried to contact Burns' family but were unable to do so.

Police and prosecutors have not said when they anticipate releasing information from their work at the cemetery.

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