Overnight Denver hail storm damages plants, forces flight cancellations

DENVER -- Parts of Denver are recovering from a significant hail storm that passed through the area late Monday into early Tuesday.

The most noticeable damage was to plants.

“It’s what we deal with, you know, spring in Denver," said landscaper Lindsay Harding.

Lots of streets are left with leaves everywhere. At Washington Park, plants are ruined at one of the main flower beds.

"There’s quite a significant amount of damage," said Scott Gilmore with Denver Parks and Recreation.

City crews worked to get things patched up fast on Tuesday. There was also damage at some of the city's greenhouses.

“We have 16 greenhouses, and at least seven of them experienced pretty significant damage," Gilmore said.

“Snow last week, sunshine while we’re mowing over hail stones and tore-up trees. It's what we do," Harding said.

Parks and Rec says its staff will work as fast as they can to get the plants replaced.

The storm also forced dozens of flight cancellations at Denver International Airport, particularly for Southwest Airlines. The airline said it took several aircraft out of service in order to inspect them after the storm.

Overall, 64 flights were canceled at DIA on Tuesday. Another 247 flights were delayed, according to FlightAware.

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