‘May-uary’ means snow keeps falling at Arapahoe Basin

It may be the unofficial kickoff to summer, but the snow just keeps coming up at Arapahoe Basin.

“I’ve never been a summer time skier,” said Meredith Mueller, of Avon. “I rode my mountain bike this morning at home, and now I’m here skiing. So what more could you ask for?!!”

There’s a term for that in Summit County.

“May-uary,” said Breckenridge resident Matty Baldwin.

Baldwin says he’s grateful for how kind mother nature has been to the mountain this season.

People saying thank you to Mother Nature this season

“We’re skiing practically into June.”

But, the 26-year-old—who wore a flag on his back, while skiing Monday—says he’s also incredibly grateful for our fallen soldiers.

“I love those guys, keeping us free here and letting us do what we love.”

The snow is what you’d expect for late spring.

“Mashed potatoes, top to bottom. Still can’t beat it, though,” said Baldwin.

Skiers and snowboarders just seem happy winter has stuck around this long.

“There’s tons of snow. Driving over here from Avon—all the mountain peaks are covered and it’s pretty incredible. We’re sort of waiting to see what happens when the snow melts,” said Mueller.

Arapahoe Basin will stay open until at least June 16th—which is the latest they’ve stayed open in 5 years.

“It is late May and it’s spring skiing. But the runoff and the snowmelt has barely begun,” said Chief Operating Officer Alan Henceroth.

Henceroth hopes they’ll stay open for a few more holidays this year.

“Father’s Day would be good—but 4th of July would be even better.”

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