Colorado Parks and Wildlife has reminders for boating safety

AURORA, Colo. -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to be prepared if they are going to spend Memorial Day on the water.

Included in the proper equipment are life jackets. Not only should there be one for everyone, but they should fit properly.

Also needed are a fire extinguisher and a sound device such as an air horn or whistle.

Boats should be inspected before going on the water. Boats will be inspected by officials before and after they get in the water in an effort to prevent invasive species such as zebra mussels from getting in.

"As you go into your state parks, you get inspected," said Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "It's very important that we help protect our waters by keeping these nuisance species out.

"A lot of times, people will travel to other states and that's when they come into our state."

In Colorado, people must be 16 or older to drive a boat. Someone can be 14 or 15 if they complete a boater safety course and have valid registration.

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