Law enforcement urge drivers to take extra caution on roads this weekend

DENVER -- As expected, I-25 has seen heavier traffic this holiday weekend.

“I came out of Arizona yesterday and it’s been real busy—just a lot of traffic,” said Mark Johnson, who’s passing through town.

It’s been the perfect storm for crowded roadways: nice weather, ski resorts staying open late, and construction.

“[There’s] a lot of backup in the Colorado Springs area with all the construction,” said Johnson.

Even the Memorial Day sales are having an impact on traffic.

“There’s a whole lot of retail traffic,” said Deputy Jason Blanchard, with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, motioning toward the Castle Rock outlet stores.

“More cars, more traffic, more people who are impatient—and that’s going to cause accidents. That’s what we’re trying to avoid,” Blanchard told Fox31.

This year, law enforcement tried to take a proactive approach—sharing pictures and videos on social media in recent days, showing the consequences of distracted and drunk driving.

“What people need to understand is that most accidents out there are preventable. Most of it’s going to be related to speeding. Distraction is probably the biggest one—and intoxication,” said Blanchard.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says they always try and double patrol out on the roads on holiday weekends.

And as we head into the final day of this 3-day weekend, DUI enforcement is their top priority.

“We’re looking for drunk drivers any time of the day. Most people don’t think they’re that bad of drivers, but it’s pretty obvious and they just don’t know it.”

The DCSO wants to remind drivers of some simple tips to stay safe on the roads this weekend:

  • Be patient, and give yourself extra time to get to wherever you’re going
  • Watch your speed
  • Pay attention to the road
  • Pay attention to what other drivers are doing
  • Arrange a ride if you’ve been drinking
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