Holiday campers wait out wacky weather

AURORA, Colo. -- The sunny Sunday before Memorial Day started out swimmingly for campers at Cherry Creek State Park, but as the weather turned, the crowd thinned out.

"And then all the sudden, out of nowhere it started storming and it was just ridiculous," said Brandon Benning.

Groups of families and friends took shelter under a single roof as hail and lightning rained down in Aurora.

"We’re not super surprised about the weather because we live in Colorado," said Josie Pack. "The kids are still really really enjoying it and they’ve never seen hail before."

Within an hour, patient campers were rewarded with a calm period of periodic sunshine, as they went back to grilling.

"Oh man you know Colorado weather is unpredictable," said Dionte Wilkins. "The secret is finesse. That’s it, you just got to finesse that grill."

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