Man says intruder broke into his home, cleaned it immaculately, and left

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – A Massachusetts father came home to a sparkling clean house – but he has no idea who tidied it.

Nate Roman told NBC News he knew something was wrong when he and his son returned to their Marlborough home on May 15th and the 5-year-old noticed the back door was ajar.

The 44-year-old said he was worried someone was still inside, but instead of an intruder he found the smell of cleaning supplies still in the air, and every room except the kitchen immaculately clean.

Roman said his son’s room, which had been a mess that morning, was spotless – complete with a “very neatly folded rose” folded origami-style on his toilet paper.

Unsure of who had been in the house, Roman called the police. Marlborough police officials didn’t immediately return a call for comment, but told NBC News that they had no leads or suspects in the case.

Roman called the experience “creepy,” but thinks it may have been a housecleaning service with the wrong address. The Massachusetts dad said he likely left the back door unlocked, something he doesn’t plan on doing in the future.

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