Crews working to repair, replace 9 dilapidated bridges along I-70 in Denver

DENVER -- On Thursday, the Colorado Department of Transportation shared a photo of a hole in the Interstate 70 bridge over Peoria Street.

CDOT said the pothole developed as a result of recent freezes as well as wear and tear on the 50-year-old stretch of road.

Crews worked quickly to patch the hole and pour concrete, using plywood to help it set. Still, some are concerned about the overall state of infrastructure in Colorado.

"It’s always really bumpy," said driver Victor Ibarra. "You have to drive in the middle of the lane -- both lanes sometimes -- because you have to avoid potholes."

As part of the Central 70 project, nine bridges along I-70 in Denver will be replaced. The bridges are located on a 10-mile stretch between Brighton Boulevard and Chambers Road.

The Peoria bridge is not alone when it comes to structural problems.

In Colorado, 473 bridges are classified as structurally deficient, and 1,353 need some kind of repair.

CDOT said the bridge replacements are scheduled to be complete in 2022.

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