Video shows security guard beating man at Weld County club

WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- A security guard at a Weld County club has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a man on Friday. Cellphone video shows the alleged beating at El Rodeo Night Club in Garden City, which is immediately south of Greeley.

The video appears to show a man being punched several times while being held down by at least one other security guard.

The man had several injuries, including cuts on his face. They are healing, but large blisters remain.

The victim asked FOX31 and Channel 2 not to identify him.

According to him, he had just gone to the restroom when bouncers began attacking him for no reason and asking him to empty his pockets.

"The moment I put everything back in (my pockets) -- that’s when I feel the other security put me in a choke lock and starts pulling me back. And he’s just pounding my face," the victim said.

He tells us he complied, but the guards grew belligerent.

“When he first came at me, it was like surprisingly, the first thing I thought was trying to avoid everything that was coming at me," he said.

His sister confronted the security guard and showed him the video.

"I was furious about what he had done to him. And there’s like no way that anything that my brother would have done to him... for them to act that way," said Karla Lajera.

Several days later, the video is still hard for the victim to watch.

"Anger. Honestly, that’s the first thing that went through my body. Like I can see myself, I can’t defend myself and I’m just receiving punch after punch after punch," he said.

Garden City police ended up arresting the security guard Miguel Medina Valdovinos for third-degree assault after he contacted police trying to file harassment charges against people blasting him on Facebook.

The victim says other guards should have stepped in and stopped the beating.

FOX31 and Channel 2 tried unsuccessfully to reach the club operators.

The victim plans to meet with an attorney Thursday.

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